Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Little creatures.

At last, I have just collected my latest paintings from the photographer. I am working on the theme of my lovely glamorous ladies with their long stretched out legs and since my holiday in Rarotonga I have decided to add a little creature into each of my figurative paintings. When we were there, I absolutely fell in love with the tiny lizards and watched them scurrying around the ceiling every night.
I even caught one, and fed another with chocolate sauce off my finger. Awwww!!!


My little creature


Following on from 'Tea'n'Peonies' with the working clock theme, I have created some gorgeous little French Boulle clocks with fully working hands. They are only on a 10 inch square canvas and very cute. Andre Boulle was a prominent seventeenth century French Cabinet maker, and Boulle refers to the ornate marquetry found on these clocks.

'Red Boulle'

'Blue Boulle'

'Gold Boulle'

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