Sunday, March 3, 2013

Bunting flags at the beach

This commission was for the same family who had the baking painting.  They wanted a summery beach themed painting to fill a very long wall in their poolhouse.  We dicided on a triptych rather than one long painting which worked really well.  The flags on the bunting represented all the countries they had visited.

In the kitchen

This is a commission for an Auckland family who liked my painting 'Beaten' where a Little Lady sits in a kitchen full of mess after doing some baking.  That is exactly how I feel after doing any sort of cooking!!!!!  The mum of the family liked the idea of her Little Lady with a nice glass of bubbles to relax with.  The youngest daughter had her very own drawer full of baking items which we were able to pop into the painting as well.  It made it all the more personal to them.  And I eventually got to paint a broken egg......something I have always wanted to try and do and never had the opportunity.  Certainly a challenge.

Wedding gift

A lovely couple from the UK came to my first solo show at Parnell Gallery and they loved the painting Peep Toe of a beautiful Christain Louboutin shoe which had a Little Lady draped over it.  They subsequently got engaged and the groom to be thought it would be great to commission a wedding gift for his wife to be, of a Little Lady on her wedding shoes, with all the colours and flowers she would have on her big day.  They both live in the UK so this was all done in secret via email.  She was absolutely thrilled to bits with her present.