Thursday, August 16, 2012

Life Drawing

I recently attended a life drawing seasion at the Kumeu Arts Centre.  Having not done any since I was at University...(too many years ago now!!) was actually very very enjoyable and relaxing.

Long Shot

This painting called 'Long Shot' was a result of the interest I had in my solo 2012 show, Back Nine.  A cheeky little number!  It sold within a week so unfortunately you can only see it here.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Another commissioned Little Lady Portrait

I met the most delightful couple a few months ago at a charity event, and chatting to the husband, he said he would really like a painting for his wife for her upcoming birthday.  He was secretly going to commission a portrait of her 'babies', Harriet and Hugo, 2 beautiful King Charles Spaniels.  His wife, being very savvy, cottoned to his secret plan, and decided to change the painting to a more personal piece.  Being the funniest person I have met in a long time, and having very similar creative interests to me, it was lovely to work together to develop a wonderful painting based on all the things she loved and all the interests she had.

I am so pleased with the finished piece and more importantly, so very chuffed that the client absolutely adored her commission!!!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Commissioned portrait Little Lady

As you know, I love to paint 'Little Ladies'.  Usually I paint whatever I fancy, often to a theme, with the aim of creating a body of work for a show. 

Last month I was very fortunate to create an 'actual' Little Lady of some one!  The client's husband had kept a magazine article about me from a previous show I had done and presented the article to my client saying he wished to give her an 'Ingrid Boot' painting for her birthday this year.

She was very excited and said she wanted to be portrayed as a Little Lady, whilst showing aspects of her character and life.  She was totally perfect as a model for a Little Lady and gave me lots of props to work with.  This is a list of items included, travel books and old suitcases, food magazine with postit notes where favourite recipes are, Ferarri key and hat, a trainer from the gym, a cork of Veuve Cliquot chamagne, camera from her love of photography, ivy form her love of table decorating, a butterfly and a recurring theme of turquoise, her favourite colour.

It is a large painting, 1m x 1.2m and was thoroughly enjoyable to paint and the client was wonderful to work with.  I have hidden her face for privacy reasons. :-)

Monday, March 5, 2012

Little Ladies of Leisure

Come along to my 2012 solo exhibition.  To see all paintings on show click here: Ingrid Boot and view LATEST works or here: Parnell Gallery to go directly to the gallery.