Monday, November 15, 2010


Each Christmas Parnell Gallery, Auckland invite selected artists to produce a piece of art on 200 x 200mm paper or board which is for sale at $200. It is probably their most popular show of the year, with people queueing out the door.

I have designed 14 'CLUSTERS' on 300gsm watercolour paper mounted on foam board. These are little groups of all things feminine. I have had great fun designing my own range of teacups and teapots, as well as funky bras and knickers!

Look closely for my lizard, there is one hidden somewhere on each cluster!!

Cluster 'Shoes'

So if you fancy coming along to purchase your own little original piece for only $200 by some fabulous artists the details are:
What: 200 x 200 for $200 Parnell Gallery Christmas Show
Where: Parnell Gallery 263 Parnell Road, Auckland
When: Tues 30th Nov to Sunday 5th December

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Every time I excitedly tear the cellophane off a brand new canvas, I attempt to paint my best painting yet. I think this is what all artists strive for. Never really knowing exactly how it is going to turn out, I am always in the hope that this will be 'the one'!!

I have learnt and improved over the past few years as I have painted more and more. With this in mind, I decided to revisit paintings that I completed a couple of years ago to see if I could do better.

Here are the before and after shots of 'Absence'. I love dark pictures where an object is 'appearing' from the shadows. The red satin fabric is luscious and looks lovely and silky.

I have redesigned the lingerie and made it more romantic and altered the skin tones.

I will be working next on a nude.

Saturday, September 11, 2010


Velvet Tones 760 x 760mm

Having started this painting at least 2 months ago, and spending the last 3 weeks tittivating, fiddling and saying 'I think I need to add just a little bit here' and 'It's just not quite right yet', I am SOOOOO pleased to have finally finished it.

The most difficult part of being an artist is knowing when to stop, and this painting surely proved that to me!

Can you spot my little lizard?

Monday, September 6, 2010

Art workshops

Since holding my first art workshop at Gallery Q over 18 months ago, I have had the pleasure of meeting many aspiring artists, and am now hosting sessions from my home studio in Orewa. Here are the latest paintings from the latest 3 session afternoon workshops.

Nikki & Samantha painted beautiful lillies and a bird of paradise. They decided what composition suited the image and chose the canvas accordingly. Thay both learnt new techniques including using dry brush and were very proud of their achievement.

Maureen has a love of haute couture, and designed this beautiful image. Using analogue (adjacent) colours she has created a colour theme adding a 'zap' of colour with the lipstick and wine. Maureen learnt how to add form to her shapes using shadow and highlight, and created the added feature of some amazing 3d looking pearls.

Maureen commented 'I am a huge fan of your work and think the workshops you run are such fun and really informative you have helped me such a lot in such a short space of time.'

If you would like to know more about my art workshops you can sign up for regular newsletters from my website, or email me for further information .

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Nice things in small packages

200 x 200 for $200

Exhibition at Gallery Q, Kumeu celebrating their 2nd birthday
18th September to 10th October

This will be an exhibition of work by wonderful artists who have all painted something onto a 200 x 200mm canvas and each piece will be for sale at $200. They will be snapped up quick at this price so get in quick.
Make sure you come along and vote for the 'people's choice' award too.
I have loved painting these cute little sketchy paintings. They tie in nicely with my latest theme of Afternoon Tea and (as always) all things elegant. I have used acrylic for the canvas and then pen and watercolour on watercolour paper mounted onto the canvas.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Red Shoes

Red Shoes 760 x 760mm
I started this painting over a month ago and initially it was going to be in full colour with the dress being a stunning gold colour in beautiful shiny satin fabric.

However, when I started my monotone underpainting, I couldn't stop and it just looked lovely in sepia.
A splash of red for her shoes and Voila! and completely different outcome as planned.

I have another painting which is nearly completed....and proving very difficult!!! So hopefully that can be uploaded very soon too.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Art for Hospice

On June 3rd there will be an art auction held at the Estuary Arts Centre, Orewa to raise money for the Hibiscus Hospice. The carers at Hospice do such a wonderful and important job for people in their last stages of life and I hope that this years art auction will raise enough funds for them to carry on the support and care they give to their patients and their families. I remember my first trip to a Hospice back in the UK, to visit my lovely Aunty Vera. I was only young, and I was so amazed to see an array of cats and kittens running around and some having a nap all snuggled up next to the patients.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

TVNZ The Apprentice

May 11th saw the final episode of NZ The Apprentice. The contestants were challenged to host a charity auction to raise money for Cure Kids.

I was contacted by one of the contestants and asked if I would donate a painting for this worthy cause.

'Sheer Elegance II'
Charities such as Cure Kids do a wonderful job, and I was pleased that my painting raised $2000.

Frankie Stevens hosting the auction

As a result, a grand total of $40,000 was donated to Cure Kids.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Worthy Causes

I was asked last month if i would donate work to the 'Adopt an Artwork' exhibition at The Depot in Devonport raising money for the 'Lonely Miaow' cat rescue charity. This print of 'Le Chat' was successfully auctioned there.

'Le Chat'
My husband & I adopted a cat 12 years ago from the UK Cat Protection League before locating to New Zealand in 2000, and not only did she fly over with us, she is still doing well and loves her life down under!


We also adopted a cat last year, called Misty. She is more like a cheeky dog than a fussy mog and her taste in food leaves a lot to be desired!!


Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Little creatures.

At last, I have just collected my latest paintings from the photographer. I am working on the theme of my lovely glamorous ladies with their long stretched out legs and since my holiday in Rarotonga I have decided to add a little creature into each of my figurative paintings. When we were there, I absolutely fell in love with the tiny lizards and watched them scurrying around the ceiling every night.
I even caught one, and fed another with chocolate sauce off my finger. Awwww!!!


My little creature


Following on from 'Tea'n'Peonies' with the working clock theme, I have created some gorgeous little French Boulle clocks with fully working hands. They are only on a 10 inch square canvas and very cute. Andre Boulle was a prominent seventeenth century French Cabinet maker, and Boulle refers to the ornate marquetry found on these clocks.

'Red Boulle'

'Blue Boulle'

'Gold Boulle'

If you want to know about upcoming exhibitions, go to my website and sign up for my regular newsletters. There are several big art events coming soon.