Monday, September 6, 2010

Art workshops

Since holding my first art workshop at Gallery Q over 18 months ago, I have had the pleasure of meeting many aspiring artists, and am now hosting sessions from my home studio in Orewa. Here are the latest paintings from the latest 3 session afternoon workshops.

Nikki & Samantha painted beautiful lillies and a bird of paradise. They decided what composition suited the image and chose the canvas accordingly. Thay both learnt new techniques including using dry brush and were very proud of their achievement.

Maureen has a love of haute couture, and designed this beautiful image. Using analogue (adjacent) colours she has created a colour theme adding a 'zap' of colour with the lipstick and wine. Maureen learnt how to add form to her shapes using shadow and highlight, and created the added feature of some amazing 3d looking pearls.

Maureen commented 'I am a huge fan of your work and think the workshops you run are such fun and really informative you have helped me such a lot in such a short space of time.'

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