Thursday, September 10, 2009

First post......hello!

Well I thought I'd better get with the times and start a blog.....better late than never and all that!

I am english but moved to New Zealand with my husband in 2000. We absolutely adore it here. I started painting again about 5 years ago having qualified with an illustration degree in the UK in 1994.

I love painting and spend every spare moment either thinking about it, sketching out ideas or at my easel creating. I work in acrylics mainly and portray the female form with elegance and poise.

After Midnight

Sometimes I venture away from this when I have a need or obsession. Earlier this year, I just had to paint cows,

Watching You

and last month I just had to paint teacups,

Tea 'n' Krispie

but now I am back again to my lovely ladies.

Off the Hook

Currently I am working on a piece for the North Shore Art Awards (which needs to be finished before the 21st September). I am also creating the start of a series of 3 little paintings which I will complete at the Gallery Q 1st Birthday party on Saturday 19th September in Waimauku (near Auckland New Zealand). I have also entered into 2 new shows which have a selection process so I won't know until next month if I am in or not. Fingers crossed. :-)

Anyway, I shall leave it here for now. Shall pop in again soon with more piccies.


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