Monday, September 28, 2009

Two new paintings

Well I started 2 new paintings at the start of this month. These are from my 'skinny ladies' theme. I wanted them to look very timeless, elegant and dainty. I love the look of old fashioned things like the old telephones, and also, I absolutely adore tea cups.

I have no titles for them yet, but here is the telephone one, including my initial underpainting:

And this is a very special painting because it has a wonderful detail in it which is not immediatley noticeable. The clock hanging on the wall is a fully working clock.

As for the furniture, beware anyone whose house I visit and you have nice I will be back on your doorstep before you know it and taking photographs! The gorgeous tea stand which the vase of flowers is standing on is courtesy of a friend of a friend, Kylie, who I met twice and spent more time gawping at her beautiful furniture than joining in the conversation. So 'thank you', Kylie for letting me see your lovely house again.

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  1. I love that one with the clock. :) I love tea cups too, I have a bit of a habit of buying them at op shops etc. I only pay a few dollars for them but they seem so precious.

    Ive just joined the NZ Art guild and found your blog from there.